Get Free Coupons and Discounts from Companies- Here is How

Who wants a free lunch? I know I do! If you are someone who believes in something like there is no such thing as free lunch, think again. I am about to blow that myth for you guys. Read on carefully as you are about to discover how I got myself sprinkled (if not showered) with small and big complimentary free stuff like coupons and discounts over different products from some real (and some very generous) companies. If not most of the times totally free, all I had to pay was like 49 cents so yes, Life is good!



I pulled out my forever stamps out of the drawer, gathered some envelops, a pen a letter pad and some time to think and compose and write (with the pen) some heartfelt appreciation I had for many companies. Not all to whom I wrote proved worthy of practice of getting together the pen and paper and whole scribing part.


It all can be dated back to when I was a teenager. As a young and enthusiastic fan I once wrote and sent my favorite basketball player a letter of appreciation and asked if he could send me his autograph. Naïve as it was of me, but my favorite player proved to be far more thoughtful than expected. An envelope turned up in my mail after a couple of months that contained his shiny photo signed by him and that is one moment I’ll remember for the rest of my life. Snail mail was never boring. Not back then and not today because that is where my free lunches keep appearing ever since I posted those many letters of appreciation.

Yes no one writes and posts letters anymore. Emails far more conveniently do that for us. So when someone receives a physical letter it grabs all his/ her attention. Same goes for the companies. All the time and energy and work that go into getting a letter together is different from emailing and tweeting and are difficult to go unnoticed.

What I did here is I contacted 26 separate companies and expressed my heartfelt appreciation in my letters to them. Each letter was custom made for each company and they could not have guessed me as a food and drink writer by my letter. Chances were low for my letters to land into the hands of a real authority person. But I got responses from 15 fifteen companies which proved my estimates wrong. I got coupons of free meals and discounts upon buying a meal or a drink or a pack of their cookies etc. some were more generous than others but the whole practice is worth a shot definitely.

Important thing to remember here is never ever copy paste a template from the web. See the awesome stuff that I received in the end that, all came from real people who really read my appreciation letters so if you plan to do what I did; tailor your own letters just like me.


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