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2 Best Legit Websites to Get Free Stuff

Currently, there are many websites on the internet that offer free stuff. Let’s face it? Who doesn’t love free stuff? Most people love saving on discounted items when shopping. Well, if you love saving then you will definitely love getting your hands on free stuff every now and then.

Many people are not aware of the fact that there are many places on the web where you can get popular brand items and commodities for free. You can even get these free items on a regular basis if you know the right websites to visit. A quick search on the internet brings up a ton of websites claiming to have crazy offers for free items or freebies.

Unfortunately, most of these websites do not live up to their claims. A good number lie about giving away stuff for free and instead find ways for you to give something up in exchange. Such websites are useless and they in most cases fill up your email inbox after subscribing to their mailing lists. You may be tempted to follow up on these emails and offers by reading and clicking various links however this mostly bears no fruits.

This is why we have gone out of our way to gather a list of the 3 best legit websites where you can get free stuff that you actually need or use.

1. BzzAgent

I have been a regular visitor of this website for a couple of years now. The site is more of a product testing platform where you are sent a wide range of products to test and try out at home.
You need to have some spare time on your hands to test the products and come up honest and unbiased reviews about them. The site rewards visitors who go the extra mile of popularizing the free stuff they get with their circle of contacts and friends.

2. Best Free Stuff

If the above mentioned websites do not satisfy your appetite for free stuff, there is still one more for you to try out. Offer Oasis is the ultimate free stuff website on this list.

This website is unique as it works by scanning the entire internet for free offers and then listing all these offers in an organized manner. Here, you get a wide scope of offers for free stuff that you can get on the internet.

Why Do Companies Give Away Free Things?

Right now, you may be asking yourself, “Why do legit companies and brands give away their products for free?” Well, this is usually a marketing strategy that involves giving one person a free product and then this person introduces the subject product to another person who then becomes a potential customer.

Both, you and the company end up gaining in the end. But, you are obviously the one who gains most.


As mentioned above, there are so many websites that claim to offer free stuff but in real sense do not offer anything for free. Most of these websites will be out to rip you off or get your contact information so that they can sell it to advertising companies. It is therefore crucial that you only try out legit website that actually offer free items and not tons of junk emails.

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5 ways to make your summer vacations great again

Summer is here and so are 3 months long summer vacations. An opportunity to spend quality time with our kids and make special bonds them. Sometimes it can also be a little daunting. How will I keep them busy? How will I keep them from making me go insane?

This task doesn’t have to be intimidating or cost a fortune. Instead if we think creatively if can be quite inexpensive and easy. Here is a list of my 7 favorite activities that you might also find interesting and useful.

1-Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are a great way to keep your kids busy and it makes them creative at the same time. All you have to do is ask your kids to find out on the internet what they would like to make and make a list. Ask them to download as many ideas as they can. Pintrest can be a great source for inspiration.

Once you have collected the ideas ask your kids to daily take out an idea and make it. You can also help them in making it and be part of the team.

2- East of West Local is the Best

We all want to go to some exotic place for our vacations but our own city can offer some amazing things if we just try to look for them. Check out your city’s website for the things it offers. See if there are any special sites or parks. Also you can always go to the Zoo. It might sound a little boring but trust me it doesn’t cost much and once you get there it is just amazing.

Another way is you can always sign up to Groupon and get amazing discounts. Find out the places in your city which are offering them and enjoy.

3- Go to the movies

It might sound a little obvious but most of us don’t even think about it, even though it’s a great way to spend time with your family. XYZ’s Movie Club offers 20 shows for $10 if you buy in advance and $1 per show if the ticket is purchased at the window. It is easy, cheap and fun so what are you waiting for.

4- Bowling Alleys

Bowling alleys are always a good choice. They provide a fun and entertaining environment for families to enjoy their evening. offers its members 2 free games per kid in their listed bowling alleys. It’s their way of giving back to the community by keeping the kids busy in positive activities.

5- Coupon Collecting

Make it into a game that let’s see who collects the most coupons. Tell them to use newspapers, magazines and the internet. Once you have collected the coupons go shopping. This way you are teaching your kids about the importance of saving money.

6- Eating Out

The coupons that you collect will be of all types. Choose the ones that are of restaurants and other diners and eat out with your kids. It will be fun and you will be saving money at the same time.

Do try out all of these activities and have a great summer. Cheers!

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Best Arts and Craft Subscription Boxes UK

Want to get the best craft subscription boxes for yourself, we have gathered some data to help you make the perfect choice for you.
Every craft lover knows the fact that a good craft supply is worth spending money. You can never have enough and so these arts & crafts subscription boxes are the best way to get a decent supply for your demands every month at your doorsteps.
Not only do you get the supplies of arts and crafts but also you are provided with a crafts expert to help you enhance your creativity. Our list includes subscriptions for not only adults but also to engage kids in their free time. These subscription boxes cover every field of arts and craft whether it is knitting, sewing, papercraft, embellishments or anything else.

Best Art and Craft Subscription Boxes for Adults

Craftiosity – From £22.95
From beginners to experts, Craftiosity is the best option to give your skills and creativity an extra boost. You will get guidance throughout the process as well as tips and tricks to make your project designs unique and amazing.
You will be provided with a variety of stuff to go through different projects like book-binding, ceramics, paper crafts, home décor projects and much more. Each month you will get a uníque challenge and instructions to get the challenge completed and the supplies necessary to complete the challenge. You will get your subscription box on the 14th of every month. In addition to all this, you can choose to subscribe for 3,6 or 12 months depending on how you want it. Also they offer gift vouchers that you can send to the loved ones whom you think will love to craft.


Crafters Companion – From £24.99
The Crafters Companion box is surely a good choice for you as you look for the elements and supplies selected specially to enhance your crafting skills wrapped in a specially designed box that you will surely don’t want to throw.
Whether you are looking for a serious hobby or you have interest in stencil craft, foam flower forming, embossing, die-cutting. For some boxes that have dies and embossing folders, a die cutter will be needed. And the best thing is you have the choice of purchasing boxes individually before you go for a subscription so that you can try out these boxes for yourself.


Makerly Crafts – From £15.00
If you want to get high quality supplies while remaining on budget, then you surely should go for Makerly Crafts. If you are into toys crafting or jewellery, embroidering and embellishing, this box will provide you with supplies and equipment to help improve your crafting skills.
This craft box is for grown ups and teenagers but not for little ones. Whether you want to explore the crafting world with Makerly or you are just there for a gift, you can easily sign up online anytime. And if you don’t select the 3’ 6 or 12 month subscription,your subscription will be renewed every month. You can also cancel your subscription 24 hours before renewal date.


S-Box from The Stitchery – From £19.90
Are you into textile and fabrics? Then get your hands on the S-Box stitchery box today and get a huge variety of needlecrafts. No matter if you are a beginner or a skilled craftsman, all of your crafting needs will be fulfilled. S-Box is not a single project subscription box, it includes a variety of ribbons, trims, fabric, buttons, threads. Moreover, not only crafts and equipment, you will also get tips and tricks from the team of S-Box and even from experts to help finish up your project and to learn how to use the new equipment with perfection.Also you get seasonal themes in advance so that you have enough time to finish up your projects and gifts for holidays.
This box also allows you to purchase individually before subscribing to their 3, 6 or 12 months plan.


Toucan Box – From £11.90
Toucan box is a monthly subscription box for children aged between 5 to 8 years which includes arts and crafts for your kids to get educated while having fun. Experts have carefully picked the supplies of this box so that fun and learning can be combined together. Monthly based activities are given to help grow your child’s experience as they get older. Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths based projects and activities are also focused so that your childrens are encouraged while they get along with their educational journey.


Mister Maker – From £6.93
This fun based subscription box is surely the best way to let your little ones create the crafts and have an art based party which they will love. Let them have the best fun time ever while they are still learning.
The team inside Toucan box have collaborated with the hit Cbeebies shoe to create a subscription box on the concepts of independent learning and Montessori methods. Delivered twice a month, it’s the best choice for children between 3 to 8 who believe in doing anything. This box also helps children to be physically and mentally ready for their school journey while still having fun which lasts for hours.
This package includes all the best offers including a letter for your kids from Mister Maker himself. Also fun activity books, games, stickers are included in the package with easy instructions and pictures to finish up your projects.


I Did it! Activity Box – From £12.00
A themed subscription box that combines fun and education, it’s a subscription box approved by educational experts and of course the judges are kids themselves. Focused on children of ages between 5-11, I Did it! Is a subscription box delivered on a monthly basis and includes all the supplies necessary to finish the monthly projects.

This box particularly mixes art and design with science and engineering while fun still remains on board. All of this came inside a personalised box with your child’s name on it. The best part is that it will encourage your child to finish the project without any help, all by themselves by just following simple instructions that came along with the package. You can also choose to pre-pay for subscription or you can try out these boxes by yourself before any commitments.


Mud and Bloom – From £11.95
This subscription box is an indoor as well as outdoor Gardening and nature based subscription box so get one today and get the tools for your children to connect them with nature while having fun.
Inspired by Forest School Learning, this box is aimed at children between 3-8. They surely will love to combine the outdoors with the crafts no matter how dirty their hands get.
It’s a nature themed subscription box designed specially to learn about plants, insects, birds, soil and rainfall. While teaching and connecting with nature, organic seeds are also provided to help grow veggies, fruits and plants. The best thing is that it’s all organic and environment friendly. You will receive your Subscription package by post at the month’s end.



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Cybersecurity is booming, but women (still) make up just 10% of the cybersecurity workforce.

Indeed, despite the industry facing a massive skills shortage, depressingly little is changing. That 1 in 10 figure is unchanged over the past three years, new figures from the Global Information Security Workforce Study by (ISC)² show.

With less than one in four roles filled by women, the tech industry as a whole remains male-dominated – but this report shows certain sectors are falling even further behind.

The CREST report “Closing the Gender Gap in Cybersecurity” explores barriers to a more diverse workforce, and suggests that women are currently shying away from the cyber industry:

There are very few female applicants to the industry, thus leading workshop attendees to conclude that the marketing and perception of the industry is the main problem.

The cybersecurity industry is growing explosively, as hacking becomes a bigger topic, both in newspaper headlines, company budgets and government initiatives.

Recruiters are clamouring for new people, but according to the CREST report, the number of female applicants in the field is “incredibly” low.

The main reasons for this dearth? Cybersecurity professionals themselves suggest misperceptions of the industry and what skills are required are a big barrier.

“The marketing of the cybersecurity industry needs a lot of further consideration, particularly relating to ensuring its messaging is gender-neutral and thus attracting both sexes,” states the CREST report.

The report also emphasizes the importance of earlier initiatives to encourage girls to take STEM subjects:

Influencing children early in their education is a key to encouraging more girls into STEM.

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Researchers have found a great way to multiply female interviewees for tech roles tenfold in one fell swoop: just keep their gender a secret. (Sadly, this is not a joke.)

Tech recruiter Speak With A Geek did an experiment with blind hiring, and got some striking results.

Blind job auditions mean any identifying details – such as the candidate’s gender – are stripped away, leaving employers to make their decision on qualifications alone, rather than a snap judgment based on implicit bias.

SWAG put forward 5,000 candidates to employers, in two different ways. The traditional applications, with names, backgrounds and genders included led to recruiters selecting just five per cent female interviewees.

What about the blind audition? You’ve probably guessed it.

When SWAG resubmitted the applications without any identifying details, the percentage of women selected jumped by a factor of ten.

With this method, over half, or 54%, of interviewees for tech roles were women.

SWAG isn’t the only organisation putting forward blind hiring as a way of increasing the stubborn lack of diversity in tech. Recruiters Gapjumpers actively help companies work with blind hiring, removing names and backgrounds from applications, and say:

While many believe the lack of women in technology companies is due to low application numbers, we find that women are taking blind auditions at a rate comparable to their representation in the US general population.

This bias is not a new phenomenon. Several past studies have shown both ethnic and gender bias, as recruiters routinely pass up job applications from qualified women, or applicants with foreign-sounding names.

Both anonymised applications and blind hiring have really become buzzwords in the last couple of years, with more and more tech companies turning to it in an attempt to get better at hiring by ability, rather than background.

And the figures show they need some help. SWAG, who keep a detailed tally of gender and ethnic diversity within US tech roles at major tech companies, say:

Diversity promotes innovative thinking, creative problem solving, and allows your company to remain competitive.

It seems tech firms struggling to improve diversity could benefit from this simple hiring trick. As SWAG suggests on their website: “Your user base is diverse, shouldn’t your tech team be?”

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It’s a well-known fact that women are underrepresented in tech workplaces, but despite industry initiatives to change this, representation is actually getting worse.

Worryingly, the number of all-male boards is on the rise, according to SvB’s “Startup Outlook” report, which suggests companies’ focus on diversity initiatives may be mere lip service:

For all the work being done to change this ratio in the U.S., this year’s survey respondents report there is no progress in the aggregate.

The bank surveyed 941 startups and found that 70% didn’t have a single female board member in 2017. This is up from an already unimpressive 66% last year.


Similarly, more than half of firms, 54%, reporting no female executives, up from 46% in 2016 to 54% in 2017.

This isn’t just a diversity issue, but a financial one too, as research has found that more diverse boards actually perform better than their more homogenous counterparts. A Grant Thornton study found that UK, US and India firms with at least one woman on board beat male-only boards by £430bn in 2014.

Grant Thornton’s Francesca Lagerberg compared diversity to a shift towards renewables when presenting the study:

We know it’s the right thing to do – both in terms of fairness and for sustainable future growth – but collectively society is dragging its heels.

One quarter of firms surveyed state they have “programs

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It’s easy for coders to fall into pitfalls, if they’re unaware of the right points to follow. Simple yet powerful coding mistakes can make you fall deep in a mess, from where it’s hard to come back.

But if the coders are well aware of common mistakes beforehand, then half of their work is done. They won’t risk making those mistakes, once they are aware of the negative consequences.

It’s time to learn a bit more about the top 10 coding mistakes:

Billers, coders and other practice managers are cordially invited to take a quick look at the coding mistakes, which many of us make unknowingly.

1. Don’t play it fast

Remember that failing to learn the basics can undercut your code instantly. Most of the time, people overlook the arbitrary behavior of the user, which can otherwise affect your programming session.

2. Using reference like value

Coders try to control the values; they are assigned to or focus entirely on the reference of the exiting objects. Now this decision can only be take place by the programmer, known for writing this object and not by those, initialing and assigning it to the chosen variable.

3. Don’t trust your client blindly

Some of the worst security bugs will take place when the developers assume their client’s device will do the proper thing. And trusting clients blindly can be a foolish idea.

4. Neglecting the present libraries

This is a great mistake, especially common with Java coders. They do not have the right to just ignore the multiple numbers of libraries, as written in the Java sector.

5. Forgetting to free up resources

Whenever any program opens a new file, it is duty of the coder to free some resources. And that needs to be one, when they are through with the program.

6. Misunderstanding the default value

In some programming section, value types cannot be null. These are uninitialized variables with a value to it, termed as default value. And the coders must understand this default value for some variables, too.

7. Missing the “break” keyword

Java issues can be quite embarrassing and can remain undiscovered unless those are run in production. Therefore, coders must work on the “break” keyword, for a promising switch case block.

8. Working too much on frameworks

Coders have a tendency to function more towards frameworks and dedicate most of their time on that. This can be an easy mistake to overcome.

9. Control simplification

Coders, avoid those complicated controlling codes. Simplifications can go a long way.

10. Don’t sweat the details

Do not try to infuse more towards details. That will take some unnecessary time and devoid you from performing on next codes.

Following these 10 points is crucial if you want to avoid mistakes in near future.

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