2 Best Legit Websites to Get Free Stuff

Currently, there are many websites on the internet that offer free stuff. Let’s face it? Who doesn’t love free stuff? Most people love saving on discounted items when shopping. Well, if you love saving then you will definitely love getting your hands on free stuff every now and then.

Many people are not aware of the fact that there are many places on the web where you can get popular brand items and commodities for free. You can even get these free items on a regular basis if you know the right websites to visit. A quick search on the internet brings up a ton of websites claiming to have crazy offers for free items or freebies.

Unfortunately, most of these websites do not live up to their claims. A good number lie about giving away stuff for free and instead find ways for you to give something up in exchange. Such websites are useless and they in most cases fill up your email inbox after subscribing to their mailing lists. You may be tempted to follow up on these emails and offers by reading and clicking various links however this mostly bears no fruits.

This is why we have gone out of our way to gather a list of the 3 best legit websites where you can get free stuff that you actually need or use.

1. BzzAgent

I have been a regular visitor of this website for a couple of years now. The site is more of a product testing platform where you are sent a wide range of products to test and try out at home.
You need to have some spare time on your hands to test the products and come up honest and unbiased reviews about them. The site rewards visitors who go the extra mile of popularizing the free stuff they get with their circle of contacts and friends.

2. Best Free Stuff

If the above mentioned websites do not satisfy your appetite for free stuff, there is still one more for you to try out. Offer Oasis is the ultimate free stuff website on this list.

This website is unique as it works by scanning the entire internet for free offers and then listing all these offers in an organized manner. Here, you get a wide scope of offers for free stuff that you can get on the internet.

Why Do Companies Give Away Free Things?

Right now, you may be asking yourself, “Why do legit companies and brands give away their products for free?” Well, this is usually a marketing strategy that involves giving one person a free product and then this person introduces the subject product to another person who then becomes a potential customer.

Both, you and the company end up gaining in the end. But, you are obviously the one who gains most.


As mentioned above, there are so many websites that claim to offer free stuff but in real sense do not offer anything for free. Most of these websites will be out to rip you off or get your contact information so that they can sell it to advertising companies. It is therefore crucial that you only try out legit website that actually offer free items and not tons of junk emails.

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