Get Free Coupons and Discounts from Companies- Here is How

Who wants a free lunch? I know I do! If you are someone who believes in something like there is no such thing as free lunch, think again. I am about to blow that myth for you guys. Read on carefully as you are about to discover how I got myself sprinkled (if not showered) with small and big complimentary free stuff like coupons and discounts over different products from some real (and some very generous) companies. If not most of the times totally free, all I had to pay was like 49 cents so yes, Life is good!



I pulled out my forever stamps out of the drawer, gathered some envelops, a pen a letter pad and some time to think and compose and write (with the pen) some heartfelt appreciation I had for many companies. Not all to whom I wrote proved worthy of practice of getting together the pen and paper and whole scribing part.


It all can be dated back to when I was a teenager. As a young and enthusiastic fan I once wrote and sent my favorite basketball player a letter of appreciation and asked if he could send me his autograph. Naïve as it was of me, but my favorite player proved to be far more thoughtful than expected. An envelope turned up in my mail after a couple of months that contained his shiny photo signed by him and that is one moment I’ll remember for the rest of my life. Snail mail was never boring. Not back then and not today because that is where my free lunches keep appearing ever since I posted those many letters of appreciation.

Yes no one writes and posts letters anymore. Emails far more conveniently do that for us. So when someone receives a physical letter it grabs all his/ her attention. Same goes for the companies. All the time and energy and work that go into getting a letter together is different from emailing and tweeting and are difficult to go unnoticed.

What I did here is I contacted 26 separate companies and expressed my heartfelt appreciation in my letters to them. Each letter was custom made for each company and they could not have guessed me as a food and drink writer by my letter. Chances were low for my letters to land into the hands of a real authority person. But I got responses from 15 fifteen companies which proved my estimates wrong. I got coupons of free meals and discounts upon buying a meal or a drink or a pack of their cookies etc. some were more generous than others but the whole practice is worth a shot definitely.

Important thing to remember here is never ever copy paste a template from the web. See the awesome stuff that I received in the end that, all came from real people who really read my appreciation letters so if you plan to do what I did; tailor your own letters just like me.


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If you’re looking to suggest your tech role models for an Everywoman in Technology Awards, it’s time to get cracking. This is the last week to get nominations in for the awards that kick off in March next year.

Organisers have stated that the aim of the awards is to “have more women and girls innovating and making advancements in technology”. The idea is that more female role models will drive gender equality forward in the tech industry.

Nominations were set to close today, but following popular demand, the nomination period was extended for another week, and will now be open until 10 November.

Now in its second year, the Everywoman in Technology Award has prizes in nine categories, ranging from international leaders to students and start-ups.

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Ashley, Keila and Sam brought you live coverage of A Web For Her, an event that asked a simple question: What would the web look like if it was run by women?

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Project Ada reported live from Super Women in Tech London, at Twitter’s London headquarters. The event gathered a great panel of tech leaders, discussing the issues that women in the industry face today.

►We put together our 5 top lessons from #SWATLondon here

Panelists were Alice Bentinck, co-founder of Code First:Girls and other Silicon Roundabout startups, Madeline Parra, CEO of Twizoo, Robyn Exton, founder of Dattch, and Wendy Orr from Guardian News & Media, and the evening opened Twitter’s mobile developer event Flock London.

SWAT focuses on the advancement of female leadership both within Twitter and in the tech industry. Please bring your questions and join us for a great evening!

Keila and Clara liveblogged the event below, but you can also keep an eye on the hashtag #SWATLondon

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The name alone made it sound like a promising event. Twitter UK gathered “Super Women in Tech” at its London headquarters for an evening of panel discussions and socialising.

Panelists Alice Bentinck, co-founder of Code First:Girls and other Silicon Roundabout startups, Madeline Parra, CEO of Twizoo, Robyn Exton, founder of Dattch, and Wendy Orr from Guardian News & Media openly shared their experiences as women in this male-dominated industry, in a discussion chaired by the BBC’s Philippa Thomas.

The Super Women in Tech London at @TwitterUK. #SWATLondon

— Project Ada (@ProjectAda_) February 18, 2015

The evening proved hugely popular, and was three times oversubscribed, according to an organiser we spoke to. The venue, which started filling up half an hour before the panel even started, was packed by the time the event began.

Really, really good attendance at tonight’s @TwitterWomen #SWATLondon event. Thanks for this @Twitter @TwitterDev !

— Gen A (@coderinheels) February 18, 2015

Project Ada reported live from the event – but in case you missed it, we’ve put together our highlights from the evening.

1. The wonders of the women in tech community

The panelists’ praise of the WIT community was unsurprisingly warmly received by the audience.

“The female tech community is one of the most embracing ones out there,” says @AliceBentinck at #SWATLondon #womenintech

— Clara Guibourg (@cguibourg) February 18, 2015

Robyn Exton, who’s not just founder of Dattch, but also co-founder of Geek Girl Meetup UK, added that meetups and organisations are the best way to change the sexist culture in tech. “These organisations will change the world”

(You can read more about Geek Girl Meetup here.)

2. Women get called “pushy and emotional”

A murmur of recognition went through the crowd as one audience member described her experiences of working in tech. “When I’m driven I get called pushy, when that makes me frustrated, I get called emotional.”

Panelist Madeline Parra also shared some of the more sexist comments she’s received in VC meetings – one about nail polish stood out in particular:

“Why are your nails painted pink?” One of the insightful questions from a male VC @loon_burger got during funding round pitch #SWATLondon

— Ciara O’Keeffe (@CommsOKeeffe) February 18, 2015

3. Yes, there is a brogramming culture

Does brogramming culture exist, asked moderator Philippa Thomas and was met by a resounding ‘yes’, both from panelists and the audience.

‘Is there really a brogrammer culture?’ Yes @PhilippaBBC and it’s painful! #swatlondon

— BrendaOConnell (@BrendaOConnell) February 18, 2015

(Project Ada has explored the issue of this macho culture in tech – and how to eradicate it – here.)

4. Do VC investors want confident bullshitters?

Venture capital is the main funding option for the tech industry, and is completely male-dominated. Is the solution a question of confidence – and if so, do men have too much or women too little?

Interesting conversation about confidence. I wonder if investors are happier with confident bullshitters, or competent realists? #swatlondon

— Kate AG (@RadioKate) February 18, 2015

‘Women are less likely to talk about their ambitions and their visions,’ @alicebentinck #SWATLondon

— Christie Fidura (@cfidurauk) February 18, 2015

5. Three top tips from the panelists

As the evening wound down, the panelists wrapped up by sharing some of their top tips for women in tech.

From Madeline Parra: “You have to believe in yourself […] I think it is something you can teach yourself.”

‘Confidence is the number 1 thing completely in your control. So use it.’ @loon_burger #SWATLondon

— Christie Fidura (@cfidurauk) February 18, 2015

From Robyn Exton: “Get thicker skin and plough on”

.@robynexton says “GET THICKER SKIN!” We agree, and thanks for the shoutout  #womenintech #swatlondon

— Girls in Tech London (@Girlsintech_UK) February 18, 2015

And finally, from moderator Philippa Thomas: “Don’t wait for a mentor to float up to you – go out there and find them!”

“Asking for guidance isn’t a sign of weakness” Amen to that sister! #SWATLondon

— Ciara O’Keeffe (@CommsOKeeffe) February 18, 2015

Were you at the event? Any other highlights you think we should’ve mentioned? Comment below, or tweet us @ProjectAda_!

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Less than one in five people enrolled on the UK’s top computer science programmes are female – and Oxford and Cambridge have fewer female computer science students than any other top university.

The technology industry is disproportionate from the educational level as it fails to attract females to enroll on its key courses, data from the Higher Education Statistics Agency reveals.

The UK’s top ten computer science programmes are 84.55 per cent male – with the worst performing university having nine times as many men than women.

Out of the UK’s best computer science courses, University College London has the most female students. Of its 355 students, 95 are female, accounting for just over one in four graduates.

The Universities of Cambridge and Oxford are the worst for gender representation in computer science, with 10 and 10.5 per cent female students respectively.

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Coders and developers gathered together from April 25-26 at BattleHack London, a hackathon that encourages participants to build projects that would have a good impact on society.

On Sunday (26) the groups pitched their ideas to a juror made of names such as Jess Williamson, director of TechStars, Julia Shalet, product doctor at The Mobile Academy, and John Lunn, senior director at Braintree_Dev, a branch of PayPal.

The topics pitched went from helping victims in natural disasters to enhancing urban mobility.

Women in Tech London was represented by team “I am Home Safe” and got a sponsor prize.



The winner was @Risk, for their project focused on elderly people. They developed an app that tracks the routine of elders and make automatic calls to the elder’s emergency contacts.

The team will compete in the finals in November at Silicon Valley, for a chance to win a US$ 100,000 prize.

Check our Storify for a summary of the best ideas presented at the weekend.

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Once a month, some two hundred digital journalists, newsroom developers and, well, everything inbetween gather in London for an evening of socialising, speeches and lightning pitches about innovations in journalism (Oh yeah, and there’s also beer).

The meetup Hacks/Hackers is part of a global network, and the London chapter has been around since 2010. It’s become hugely popular: every month the waitlist for a spot seems to grow longer.

“Want to learn from one another”

At last night’s meetup, hosted by News UK, we caught up with Sarah Marshall, social media editor at the Wall Street Journal and co-organiser of Hacks/Hackers, to speak to her about what makes the London scene so active.


The meetup’s popularity can still surprise her, she said.

“I’m really surprised! Every month I look at the waiting list and think, ‘Wow!’”

Sarah has been a part of the team organising #HHLDN for a year and a half – “but it feels like forever,” she joked. There’s certainly a whole lot of work going into preparing the events: organising the venue, getting drinks and finding volunteers. Not least, there’s the matter of finding speakers.

“It’s something we’re very conscious of”

Just one of the seven speakers at the latest meetup were women. This is a recurring issue for the meetup, with almost only men taking the stage to discuss digital innovations in newsrooms.

We asked, do they struggle to find female speakers?


“I just think ‘argh!’ every time this happens,” Sarah said.

So let’s hope change is on the way.

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The women in tech community in São Paulo is thriving, with events and meetups for ladies interested in networking, in entrepreneurship and in coding.

Project Ada has done a selection of upcoming events for women in tech who happen to be in São Paulo in the next few weeks:

Hacker Culture & Feminism 

This workshop by MariaLab, a feminist hackerspace in São Paulo, will cover the ethics of hacker culture under a feminist point of view. The workshop will also cover tools and techniques for digital security and cryptography.

When: Sunday, 29th May
Where: Deputado Emílio Carlos Avenue, 3641. Vila Nova Cachoeirinha, São Paulo – SP
Cost: Free


The project, which aims to empower girls through coding, is offering a 9-weeks programming course, which will cover the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The course will also offer talks on entrepreneurship, hacker culture and logic.

When: every Saturday between 11th June and 6th August
Where: FIAP Aclimação: Lins de Vasconcelos Avenue, 1222. Aclimação, São Paulo – SP
Cost: R$ 160,00 [£30]
Scholarship? Yes, there will be no charge for 10 selected attendees who can’t afford the investment.

Women TechMakers São Paulo

This meetup, in partnership with Google Developers Group São Paulo, is part of a series of events to support the development of women in technology. The event is not exclusively for women, but there will be more places for women to encourage female participation. RSVP will open on 31th May on the group’s Meetup page.

When: Wednesday, 15th June
Where: Google Campus SP: Coronel Oscar Porto Street, 70. Paraíso, São Paulo – SP
Cost: Free

Let’s understand UX (Vamos entender UX)

This workshop is for designers and developers interested in user experience design. The course will cover the practical aspects of improving user satisfaction through usability and accessibility by presenting useful tools and essential steps for projects focused on UX design.

When: Thursday, 16th June
Where: Engenheiro José Sá Rocha Street, 173. Vila Mariana, São Paulo – SP.
Cost: R$ 97 [£20]

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Owning a pet is among the greatest pleasures in life. However, it definitely isn’t cheap!

Getting pet items for free is an excellent way to try new products out and save some of your hard-earned cash. Free things are not only for humans and it is possible to claim many free treats for your furry friends.

Keep reading this article to figure out why, where, and how you can get all kinds of free things for your beloved pets.

Why do businesses give free pet stuff away?

It is for the same reasons businesses have free sampling campaigns: it is to generate added interest in the products that they are selling, hoping that if consumers like their products, then they will buy them later on.

Every day Mega Free Stuff  gets updated with all of the latest freebies that we have found, so be sure to visit our page on Free Stuff for Pets often to find all of the newest pet offers and frees and sign up to receive newsletter directly into your inbox to find out about all of the latest freebies.

Feed your pets free of charge…

The pet freebies that are the most popular of all are pet food samples.

That is because pet food companies understand that one pet food will not fit the needs of all dogs. Pets are all different, just like humans, and have their own preferences of taste and texture as well as dietary needs.

The best way to discover the right pet food for your animals is to trial free samples from various companies.

Would you like a pet freebie today? Claim 100% cashback on Perfect Fit Pet Food’s full-size bag. Just buy a qualifying bag, then go online and upload your receipt details and money will be transferred into your account, which makes it totally free!

Top tips

Compared to other freebies, pet food freebies have a tendency to be much more personal. Usually you will need to give some information about your pet, which includes breed, size, weight, and age. That is just to ensure that your pet will love the food and will be properly suited for them.

Get pet freebies from product testing trials

When purchasing a new product, most of us check out the reviews first. Positive, detailed reviews from actual customers will make it a lot more likely you will want to try out the product yourself.

Companies like BzzAgent, Trnd, and The Insiders have product testing campaigns that they run for all kinds of things, including pet food, which comes up on a regular basis. When an application is successful, the product is given to the pet owner to test and keep completely for free, in exchanging for writing an honest review. Some of the previous companies who have run these campaigns include:

  • Bakers
  • IAMs
  • Purina

Contact companies to get free pet items

There are many different ways that you can get free pet stuff. Some of the most effective ways are directly contacting companies and asking for free samples. That works particularly well with those companies that are mainly online, since without free samples customers will be unable to see what their products look like, or how well they like products.

Targeting the company’s unique selling point is the best way to approach contacting companies. For example, for a company that specialises in making organic pet food be sure to tell them that you are interested in providing your pet with an organic lifestyle. Or if you have a pet that has any special requirements that is what the company caters to, be sure to mention this!

Most important of all, be polite when you email – companies are not obligated to send free samples out. Be sure to show that you are interested in their products and they will reward you!

  • Keep an eye out for discounts and coupons
  • Watch for money off coupons that you can use on pet stuff. Go to the social media channels of your favourite pet brands to stay current with all of the latest deals and discounts.
  • 50p off might not seem like a lot. However, everything does add up!
  • Pets At Home offers free pet consultations
  • Pets At Home is dedicated to ensuring that pet owners are equipped as best as they can be.

Pets At Home is not only one of the top places to find your new fluffy family member, they also run various in-store sessions to assist you with taking care of your pets in the best way possible.

1. Free cat and dog nutrition consultation

If you are having a hard time finding the ideal food for your picky cat or dog, make sure you visit the store for your free nutrition consultation. They have pet food nutrition experts who can advise you on what the best food is to give your dog or cat.

Your consultation comes with a free pet food sample bag and a 25% off voucher for any of their advanced nutrition foods. Get yourself an appointment booked online today.

2. Free pet workshops for children

If you have children in addition to pets, then you will want them to learn about the responsibilities that are involved in owning pets (and the rewards that come along with it).

Pets At Home, over the school holidays, has various workshops that it holds at stores all across the country. The workshops are full of hands-on and fun activities that are an excellent way to keep your kids entertained over the holiday season.

Would you like to do more free activities with your children? Check out our page on Free Days. We update it on a regular basis with all of latest information on free days all over the UK.

3. Go to Super Breed Sundays to learn more about your breed

Pets At Home has come up with the ideal meet place to meet with like-minded owners and get to know more about your dog’s breed.

Every dog breed is different, and has its own exercise and dietary requirements, behavioural traits, and individual characteristics. Super Breed Sundays give you the opportunity to learn how to best take care of your breed and are perfect for first-time down owners. It provides them with the entire run-down of all of the basics of introducing a new pet to your home.

4. Free checks on fish tanks

Check to make sure that your fish tank water is well-suited with this in-store free service. Just brig a sample of water from your fish tank into the store and an expert will assist you.

Win free pet items from entering company giveaways

Pet companies also do free giveaway. These giveaways and contest are an excellent way to get prospective customers interested in their products and help to raise brand awareness.

Whether it is a new toy or lead or bag of treats for your pet, there will always be plenty of great giveaways and competitions for you to sign up for.

Pet ownership

It doesn’t have to be as expensive as you might think! When you apply for pet freebies you will save a few pennies, and feel the excitement of having even more free items coming through the door.

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